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Culture and Art Sharing Conference of Ethnic Minorities in Southwest China


Taking the original works of the School of Art of Southwest University for Nationalities as an example, share the customs and artistic styles of the Tibetan, Qiang and Yi ethnic minorities in Sichuan (appreciate the original dance and vocal works of the School of Art)

Speaker: Pan He

Teacher of Art College of Southwest University for Nationalities, member of Sichuan Musicians Association. She has long been committed to the research of ethnic minority culture and art in Southwest China, and has been teaching for fifteen years. She has been the main researcher of the Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of Education, and the Special Fund Project of Central Universities. She has won the performance guidance award of the provincial and ministerial college student art festival for many times, she has published more than ten papers.

We will lead you into the three autonomous prefectures of Tibetan, Qiang and Yi ethnic minorities in Sichuan, understand the historical development, folk customs and artistic styles there, appreciate the unique natural scenery of the local area, experience their humanistic life, and appreciate some art created with original materials of ethnic minoritiesWorks (dance, a cappella), let everyone understand the diversity of cultural and artistic differences of different ethnic groups.

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