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Lucky Clover Community Trust's Care Program for Rest Home in New Zealand: Spreading Love and En

Introduction: Since 2020, Lucky Clover Community Center in New Zealand has been conducting a special care program for nursing homes, bringing love and compassion to the elderly Chinese community. The residents in these nursing homes mostly suffer from underlying health conditions and are aged between 75 and 96. With activities held twice a week, each lasting for an hour and a half, our community service begins from within and with the participation of volunteer friends. Through activities ranging from painting, singing, finger exercises, origami, math puzzles, storytelling, riddles, games, and even volunteer dance performances, we provide the elderly with a vibrant and diverse range of activities that engage their minds and bring joy to their lives.


Ever since the inception of the nursing home care program by the Lucky Clover Community Center in New Zealand in 2020, we have ventured into nursing homes, delivering abundant love and care. The majority of these residents suffer from underlying health conditions, and their ages range from 75 to 96, making them the elderly in the twilight years of their lives. We recognized the need for more companionship and care for this age group and decided to reciprocate to the community by taking tangible actions to make their senior years more fulfilling and heartwarming.

Our care program takes place twice a week, with each session lasting for an hour and a half. To ensure the diversity and quality of activities, we have welcomed volunteers from various fields to join our team. This team of volunteers is incredibly diverse, including individuals involved in education, tourism, and the music industry. Each person brings their unique talents and skills, providing the elderly with a series of captivating activities.

During the painting sessions, we prepare an array of art materials, allowing the elderly to unleash their imagination and leave beautiful colors on the canvas. The singing sessions feature classic songs that the elderly are familiar with, evoking nostalgic memories and providing a sense of companionship. Finger exercises aim to improve their hand dexterity and coordination, as they engage in simple finger movements and enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

Origami sessions are among the favorites, as we teach the elderly how to create various interesting origami figures, such as airplanes and paper cranes, allowing them to experience the joy of creation amid their busyness. Math puzzles serve as both entertainment and cognitive exercise. We prepare a collection of engaging math problems, stimulating the elderly's thinking abilities.

Storytelling sessions serve as a platform for the elderly to recall and share their life experiences. Each individual has their own unique stories, and through listening and sharing, we deepen our understanding and connection with one another. Riddle sessions test the elderly's intellect and observation skills, bringing about interactive exchanges.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, we have designed a series of fun games, including memory challenges and guessing games, creating an atmosphere of relaxed interaction. The volunteer dance performances never fail to surprise the elderly, as our volunteers showcase their talents on stage, invoking joy and memories within the elderly through music and dance.

Each activity is meticulously planned, taking into consideration the preferences and needs of the elderly, aiming to bring them happiness and a sense of fulfillment. We hope that every elderly person can participate, whether it involves hands-on activities, mental engagement, entertainment, or contemplation. Each individual should be able to find their own source of enjoyment.

This program holds significant meaning. It is not only about bringing happiness and care to the elderly but also about spreading a culture of compassion and warmth throughout the community. When the elderly hold our hands and say, "Thank you, thank you for your radiant smiles, thank you for the colorful activities that enrich our lives," these simple sentences are filled with sincere gratitude and heartwarming emotions.

Looking to the future, we hope that more people will join our extended family, willingly offering their love and abilities to spread care. We believe that only when every member of the community actively participates can the nursing home care program continue to grow and bring warmth and happiness to more elderly individuals. Let us move forward hand in hand, creating a community that is even warmer and more inclusive, adding more colors to the lives of our senior citizens! Whether it is Lucky Clover Community Center or the entire community, we will always be driven by compassion, ensuring that every elderly person feels their significance in our hearts.



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