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"Mobile Phone and Computer Syndrome" and How to Treat Sports Injuries

Do you suffer from the modern civilisation disease of long hours at work, looking at a mobile phone or computer, sore neck and shoulders, or even nausea and vertigo? Or do you suffer from muscle and joint injuries, back and leg pain after exercise?

A Better Chance Charitable Trust has invited Dr Yuan Qiang, a renowned Chinese medicine practitioner with 40 years of clinical experience and 20 years of acupuncture certification by the New Zealand Government, to the Avondale branch on 31 January at 1pm to answer your questions about "mobile phone and computer syndrome" and how to repair sports injuries, and to help you regain your health. There will also be an opportunity to have an on-site clinic.

Time&Date :1:00pm-2:00pm, 31 Jan

Location : 2163 Greate North Rd, Avondale

Booking Hotline: 09-8288333

*$2 donation will be required per person



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