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Plannet Friendly

The Wairau Estuary in Milford Fjord connects the Wairau Valley hinterland, which is only a few kilometres from the industrial and commercial heart of the Wairau Valley region. Numerous environmental tests have shown that common pollutants are widespread in the rivers and waterways around the Wairau Valley, from industrial sites, heavy traffic and recreational activities in the estuary. However, a total of nine species of native freshwater fish and crustaceans have been found to survive in rivers and watercourses. With the help of environmentally passionate volunteers in Milford and Castor Bay, and under the guidance of Auckland City Council's professional team, the Devonport-Takapuna District Council decided to fund environmental activities to protect and maintain the cleanliness of the Wairau estuary and beaches. Environmental Volunteers New Zealand works with members of the local community and volunteer organisations to improve the cleanliness and health of rivers and waterways through litter removal and tree planting.

We need your help and support!

Take part in this volunteer activity

You will need to wear.:

  1. Sturdy work or camping boots to protect your feet and ankles, and make sure your shoes are comfortable! If you have rainproof boots or garden boots, you can wear them too!

  2. Long trousers and long-sleeved outdoor clothing.

  3. Mackintoshes

  4. Sun-protective round-brimmed hats

*Our environmental volunteer association will provide you with tools, gloves and work safety vests.

You will need to bring.:

  1. Snacks

  2. Water Bottles

  3. Additional drinking water will be provided, but if you need it, please contact the trip leader to refill your water.

  4. We will provide a free BBQ and an all-vegetarian meal for vegetarians.

Gathering time and location.:

  1. 9.00am at Villa Dalmacjia Bldg, 10 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Car Park (Seats need to be reserved two days in advance due to limited bus seating).

  2. 10.00am at Omana Road, Milford Shopping Centre car park.



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