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Water Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

Lucky Clover Community Trust

Why is it important to learn about water safety? Lucky Grass Community Center and Drowning Prevention Center are hosting free courses.

Learning Water Safety Knowledge for a Safer Summer

Summer is the best time for various water activities, whether it's swimming, kayaking, or other water sports in pools, beaches, lakes or rivers. It is essential to pay more attention to water safety issues. Water sports can be exciting, but they are also high-risk activities. In fact, drowning is one of the causes of many deaths. Therefore, it is particularly important to learn water safety knowledge, enhance one's safety awareness and skills.

Water safety is crucial for everyone. Playing in water or engaging in water sports is fun, but it also has risks. Therefore, learning water safety knowledge is particularly important. In response to this issue, Lucky Grass Community Center, Drowning Prevention Auckland (DPA), and Surf Life Saving North Region (SLSNR) cooperated to hold a free water safety course for children aged 11-18 in the East District on February 18th and 19th, aimed at providing water safety knowledge learning and practice.

At the event site, Madison, the person in charge of the event from DPA, was invited by Lucky Grass Community Center to introduce the background and purpose of the event, as well as the cooperation relationship with DPA and SLSNR. It is reported that the training program provides various free training courses and corresponding water safety protection measures, including life jackets, rescue rings, etc. These measures will help ensure the safety of participants in water activities. Madison vividly explained various water safety knowledge in a humorous way, such as water currents, waves, and also provided practical exercises, allowing participants to better understand how to protect themselves and others in water.

  • Learning water safety knowledge can help us recognize dangers

For those who are not familiar with water activities, danger may be hidden inadvertently. For example, strong winds and currents may cause people to lose balance and be washed away. In addition, many people may encounter sudden conditions such as physical fatigue, suffocation, and sudden cardiac arrest when swimming. Therefore, it is also important to understand emergency handling and rescue skills.

  • Understanding and learning water safety knowledge is essential

Mastering some rules and skills for water activities can reduce risks. For example, you should pay attention to the people around you when swimming in a pool, not attempt to perform swimming movements that you cannot complete, and not swim in deep water areas.

It can help us provide assistance in emergency situations

When others are in danger, we can use the skills and knowledge we have learned to provide assistance, such as emergency rescue, CPR, and so on.

  • It can help us provide assistance in emergency situations

When others are in danger, we can use the skills and knowledge we have learned to provide assistance, such as emergenc rescue, CPR, and so on.

PART A :Water Safety Theory and Practice Course

  • Understanding and learning water safety knowledge

It can help us avoid and recognize dangers and provide assistance in emergency situations. Therefore, we should improve our water safety awareness and knowledge level by participating in courses, reading relevant materials, and other ways to protect ourselves and others' safety in water activities.

  • Theory course: Saturday 18/2 1:0pm-2:30pm Location: Lloyd Elsmore Pool

  • Practical course (pool series) :Saturday 18/2 3:00pm-5:00pm Location: Lloyd Elsmore Pool

PART B: Water Safety Practice Course

Practical course (beach series): Sunday 19/2 1:00pm-3:00pm

Location: Little Bucklands Beach (Half Moon Bay)

During the two-day course, participants learned a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for water activities, such as swimming, diving, and surfing. In addition to the children, parents also actively participated in the course and learned water safety knowledge together. Through this event, parents and children gained a deeper understanding of the importance of water safety and practical techniques for protecting themselves and others in the water.

This event is an important service provided by the Lucky Grass Community Center for Chinese friends, benefiting more Chinese friends. The parents highly appreciated the organization and arrangement by the Lucky Grass Community Center in collaboration with DPA, and expressed that the event was very successful and received positive feedback. It is believed that in the future, the Lucky Grass Community Center will continue to provide more public services for Chinese friends, making our lives more wonderful! Phone:09-8288333(West):09-9308768(East) Address:West _ 2163 Great North Rd, Avondale ;East _ 262 Ti Rakau Dr, Burswood

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