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Rest Home Volunteers Needed

Dear friends from all walks of life,

For a long time, the Lucky Clover Community Trust has been visiting rest homes to bring happiness and care to the elderly, organizing activities such as performing shows, singing, reciting poetry, origami, drawing, and playing games with the elderly. However, we still need more support from volunteers in our daily work. We are now recruiting a group of long-term volunteers, hoping to work with you to add warmth and joy to the lives of the elderly.

If you have love, patience, and responsibility, and are willing to contribute your time and energy to the elderly, you are welcome to join our volunteer team. We welcome volunteers of any age and any professional background to join us, as long as you can fulfill your job responsibilities seriously. We will provide relevant training and guidance to ensure that you can perform your duties competently.

We hope that through the support of volunteers, we can add warmth and care to the lives of the elderly, allowing them to feel the warmth and care of society. At the same time, we believe that your participation will also enrich your life experience, bringing you more happiness and gains.

If you are interested in becoming our volunteer, please contact us through the following

ways: Phone: 09-8288333

Thank you for your support and attention!

Lucky Clover Community Trust


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